Speech : English – 2

Characters of a Muslim 

Dear brothers,respected teachers, and other esteemed persons, today I am here to say some words about qualities of a muslim. First of all, I praise Allah, who blessed me with this opportunity. Alhamdulillah

Dears,Islam is not a name of some believes and systems.It is a broad system, which help human kind to succeed in both worlds.Its principles are universal and based on justice and tranquility. 

Actually, there are some important characters which make muslims perfect.They are trustworthiness, truthfulness, courage and complete devotion to Islamic principles. 

In chapter mumnoon, Allah describes the qualities of a believer.The first four verses of chapter muminoon include the fundamental qualities of a believer. Allah says, the believers are those who are humble in their prayers.Those who pay the prescribed arms.Those who turn away from all that is frivolous. 

The first verse is related to purification of heart and self.The second and third verses are related to social duties.According to Islam, these two parts are very important and negligence towards one is dangerous. 

Through performing prayer, our hears become purified.It is the main pillar of Islam.So every single muslim is required to perform prayer five times.If not,he will be punished. 

The other area of a muslim is community.Once prophet said, Non of you will be a perfect muslim until he loves for his brother what he loves for him self. 

In another occasion, he said, the relation of a believer with other believer is as of a building which support each other. 

The whole idea of islam is cooperation, and living with peace and love. Once prophet said, respect your neighbor, even though he is not a muslim.

 In another hadees , prophet said, a person, who fills his stomach, when his neighbor is hungry is not a muslim. This hadees needs broad discussions and learnig. If we become ready to lead a life according to this hadees,our all troubles will end. 

The other quality mentioned in holy quran is turning away from all that is frivolous. min your own business.Once prophet said, from the beautiful Islam of a person is mind his own business. 

So we can lead a life according to quran. may Allah bless us all.I conclude here. 

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