Speech : English – 1

Islam and peace

Dear brothers, respected teachers and other esteemed persons, today l am here
to say some words about Islam and peace. First and foremost | praise Allah who
blessed me with this opportunity. Alhamdulillah

Dears, Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.Actually this is the most
important message of Islam.Every muslim shares this message, whenever he
meets his friends or addresses a function.Prophet Muhammad was an infinite
source of peace and mercy.

Fatah Maccah is is a clear example of of an extraordinary mercy that prophet
showed towards his community.

After the historical conquest of Maccah, prophet declared that, who entered in
the house of Aboo sufyan is safe. lt was an unpresident-ed event in the history of
mankind.They were those people who made thousand s of children orphans and
women widows.

But what is happening now. Early part of twentieth century witnessed two
world wars.Millions of people were killed brutally in both wars.Even paralyzed
children and women were targeted.Day by day, the world is becoming
worse.Most of the powerful countries spend a lot of wealth for accumulating
ammunition .The whole world is under a big challenge.

So the world is now looking for for a solution.According to my mind the solution
is Islam.The world has experimented many ideologies and religions.But failed in
establishing a system which is based on peace and security.So they are
enthusiastically coming forward to embrace Islam.

In 1917 marxism came in to power in Russia.But it collapsed after world war
second and completely disappeared in the end of twentieth century. Millions of
people were brutally slaughtered by Joseph Stalin. Fascism and Nazism also failed

in establishing peace and security.The world also realized that,they couldn’t establish a peaceful world.These ideologies are now symbols horror and terror. So all human made ideologies have proved incapable to compete with the changing world.Here Islam becomes pertinent.Islam upholds peace and security discourages all kinds of harms and pains.Its circle is inclusive of all creatures in the world.

Hudaibiyyah treaty is another example which indicates the importance,prophet gave to peace and security.All the rules of Hudaibiyah treaty humiliation to Muslims. But prophet gave priority to peace and security. One of the agreement in Hudaibiyah treaty was that, If anyone comes from Maccah to Madeena, receiving Islam,Muslims should send him back to Maccah.On contrary, If anyone comes from Madeena to Maccah, He would not be sent back. The other condition was that, muslims would not be allowed to perform Hajj in that year.Followers of prophet were not satisfied with Hudaibiyya treaty.But they whole heartd’ly accepted the order of prophet . Dears,but westerners are deliberately trying to spoil the face of Islam.That is why, they spread speculations through mass media and newspapers.We have identify their conspiracies and sharp our wisdom. I don’t want to prolong my speech.I conclude here .  

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